>TORTURE: Guantanamo Bay

>The inside story of criminal investigators who tried to stop abuse (MSNBC.com, 24 Oct 2006)

“Speaking publicly for the first time, senior U.S. law enforcement investigators say they waged a long but futile battle inside the Pentagon to stop coercive and degrading treatment of detainees by intelligence interrogators at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.”

One thought on “>TORTURE: Guantanamo Bay

  1. PeteinDC

    >We must do more than talk about our government’s criminal conduct, it’s time to act.5 Years is enough of Guantanamo…6 months is enough of theMilitary Commissions Act…Join us for a 24-hour vigil at theU.S. Justice Department, April 279th and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW12:00 PM White House Vigil,1:00 PM Procession toJustice DepartmentTo begin a 24-hour VigilTo call for:§ Ending the use of torture§ Upholding the Geneva Convention§ Adherence to the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution§ Repeal of the Military Commissions Act§ Closure of Guantanamo Bay and several “Black Sites”Groups and individuals are signing up for two-hour blocks of time(3:00 PM Friday until 1:00 PM Saturday). To get involved and sign up,please call the Washington Peace Center at 202-234-2000.A couple lawyers representing detainees are expected to speak during the vigil.Endorsed by the Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition(TASSC International), Dorothy Day Catholic Workers and the WashingtonPeace Center.

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