>A People of Service — Adventist Review

>Pastor Sung Kwon, Director of Adventist Community Services, wrote a great article for the Adventist Review this month–A People of Service.

This is the opening paragraph:

MEMBERS OF THE HOLLYWOOD Adventist Church in California believe in wholistic ministry, which they describe as “going beyond service to include advocacy and social change.” That’s why church leaders and members there are learning to implement the skills of community organizing.


2 thoughts on “>A People of Service — Adventist Review

  1. carpenterale

    >Glad that this message of social justice and community organizing is making it into the Adventist mainstream. I posted on this over at the Spectrum Blog too.

  2. Jeff

    >I’ve looked at CIPL, and I’ve read some of your posts at other blogs, but I never realized you were with CIPL. Good stuff.

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