>In the News

>1) More evidence from the Middle East that Marvin Gaye was right, war is not the answer:

“Despite Israel’s intense bombardment of Gaza, the deaths of more than 1,300 people (a majority of whom appear to have been civilians), the wounding and maiming of more than 5,000 more, the destruction of thousands of buildings, including ministries, hospitals, U.N. facilities, even Gaza’s American International School, Hamas is still in business” (After the war, an uneasy peace, Wedeman, CNN.com, 21 Jan ’09).

2) And Obama is already moving on the detention issue:

“In one of his first acts in office President Obama has ordered the U.S. government to suspend prosecutions of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay for 120 days, military officials said Tuesday.”

We’ll hear more about this quote from the same article, “The retired judge in charge of determining which prisoners should face trial told The Washington Post last week that she refused to send one prisoner before the tribunals because ‘his treatment met the legal definition of torture.’ (Obama calls for halt to Gitmo prosecution, Candiotti and Ure, CNN.com, 21 Jan ’09).

3) Yes, we have not heard the last of the torture issue yet. There are many considerations yet to be determined. For example, Binding U.S. law requires prosecutions for those who authorize torture (Greenwald,Salon.com, 18 Jan ’09).

4) And, finally, Who killed Flipper? (O’Hehir, Salon.com, 22 Jan ’09???). Sounds like an intense follow-up to Earthlings.

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