>Israel & Palestine

>Today in Peace Colloquium, a student reported on her work/internship at Mar Elias school in I’billin, Israel, which was started by the Arab Palestinian Christian priest, Elias Chacour. The student body is composed of both Muslim and Christian students. While there are no Jewish students (if I heard correctly), there are a number of Jewish teachers and professors. Classes don’t meet on Fridays or Sundays, but they are on Shabbat.

If you are interested in this unique school, you can learn more here:

She said tourists can stay at the school for ~$35-40 a day, which includes room and board. In return, travelers spend half the day volunteering at the school and the rest of the time sight-seeing.

We were asked to watch this CBS clip before attending the presentation–Is Peace Out of Reach?

Four of the many resources she had on display:


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  1. Jeff

    >Thanks Jamie. And I wish I could make it to the Thursday night movies, but I'm in class 'til late. Maybe next semester.Peace, Jeff

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