>Economic Justice

One of my courses this semester is Economic Justice and Christian Conscience. Here’s the class description:

How can economic relationships be made to more fully reflect God’s concern for justice? The question will be set in the context of economic faithfulness being seen as joyful response to God’s bounty and goodness. It will be explored by examining various perspectives on the meaning of justice, on economic “development” and North-South relations, on economic systems and theories, on economic production and the natural world, on business ethics and labor-management issues, on economics in the church (mutual aid, etc.), and on issues of economic faithfulness for the individual Christian (stewardship).

These are the required textbooks:

  • Blomberg, Craig. Neither Poverty nor Riches
  • Foster, Richard. Freedom of Simplicity
  • Reed, Esther D. Good Work
  • Rempel, Henry. A High Price for Abundant Living
  • Sider, Ronald J. Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger

I wish I could do a full degree in economic ethics. Topics that interest me: globalization, international development, corporate social responsibility (CSR), consumerism (spiritual, environmental and sociological connections), debt (personal & national), neoliberalism, fair trade, Jubilee (history, theology sociology), poverty (causes, effects, solutions), wealth distribution (The Economist addressed this recently), and economic anthropology.


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