>Allegiance and Focus

Here is a lengthy quote from Neither Poverty Nor Riches (Blomberg, 1999):

For the Christian, public policies at home and abroad can never be based primarily on what is in one’s ‘national interest’, as the rhetoric of most politicians regularly alleges. Rather, we must ask what is in the interest of all humanity, materially and spiritually? For those of us who work for national or multi-national corporations, are we prepared to work within the system positively to promote limitations on profit-taking for the sake of more humane policies for the workforce, for trade partners and for a better earth? Still, there are limits to how much we can expect Christian values to take root in non-Christian structures. We should be spending the largest amount of our efforts on remoulding the church into a counter-cultural community. We may debate the best way to help the poor through economic and governmental policies, but the needy and marginalized in our world should have no doubts as to our compassion and concern. (p. 252)


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