>19th Century Restoration Movements — Civic Engagement

I assembled a collection of writings from 19th century American religious restoration and renewal movements as part of a peace research class. After mentioning the project presentation on Facebook, there were requests for more info. This is difficult for me to understand. Really.

Here are the groups/movements covered (this list is by no means comprehensive of the period):

  1. NY Peace Society
  2. Stone-Campbell (Churches of Christ)
  3. Wesleyan
  4. Presbyterian
  5. Seventh-day Adventism
  6. The Church of God (Anderson)
  7. Pentecostalism

The original presentation had approximately 100 slides, a 4-page hand-out, and 85 minutes of verbal description. To make it a bit more accessible, I’ve cut it down to ~65 slides.

To learn more about this era, read ch. 16, “Pacifism in the Nineteenth Century” in John Howard Yoder’s Christian Attitudes to War, Peace, and Revolution.

Slideshow: 19th-century-restoration-movements-online-mini


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