>World Vision: What is Social Justice?

I appreciated this WV article — What does “social justice” really mean? Two excerpts:

The Bible makes social justice a mandate of faith and a fundamental expression of Christian discipleship. Social justice has its biblical roots in a triune God who time and time again shows His love and compassion for the weak, the vulnerable, the marginalized, the disenfranchised, the disinherited — you get my point. “For Christians, the pursuit of social justice for the poor and oppressed is the decisive mark of being people who submit to the will and way of God,” writes Tim Dearborn in “Reflections on Advocacy and Justice.”

Social justice is about creating kingdom space in the here and now, giving witness to the ultimate just society yet to come. So every time we use our voice and influence to get in the way of injustice — whether it’s human trafficking, economic exploitation, human rights abuses, or infants dying needlessly from disease and malnutrition — we provide a foretaste of God’s kingdom to come.



2 thoughts on “>World Vision: What is Social Justice?

  1. Cam


    Social Justice is a coined Progressive phrase and is for Godless Humanists and Socialists progressing towards Communism and the NWO. This is not what the bible teaches – it’s what progressives like you want it to mean. It will bring the downfall of capitalism, freedom and Christianity and a restructuring of society that will make Stalin and Mao seem like saints.

    Useful idiots like you have no idea of the damage you are doing under your banner of “sustainability and Social Justice”.

  2. Jeff Boyd Post author

    Cam, thanks for your input, even though I don’t think labels like “useful idiots” are actually all that helpful. I think two Christians can talk about social ethics without resorting to name calling. So let’s drop the decibel level and engage. “Social justice” just like any other term can be defined in multiple ways. What is your negative understanding of it and what damage will this lead to? Maybe that’s a good place to have a mutually edifying conversation between two disciples who desire to walk in the way of Jesus. Peace

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