Seventh-day Adventists and Ordination

On Wednesday, July 8 , 2015, delegates to the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination voted to not allow the church’s 13 world divisions to decide if they would ordain women as pastors within their regions. Women may still be ordained as deaconnesses and elders or be commissioned as pastors, but the vote means there is no change in policy regarding the ordination of women to pastoral ministry.

This is the statement delegates voted on: “Is it acceptable for division executive committees, as they may deem it appropriate in their territories, to make provision for the ordination of women to the gospel ministry? Yes or No.” The vote was 1,381 against and 977 in favor, with 5 abstentions. This was actually a closer count than many of us expected.

I am in favor of ordaining (or commissioning) men and women equally, so I was disappointed in the outcome; however, the vote shows that opinions are moving in this direction. Past votes have been more lopsided against ordaining women.

I will continue to update the following list of blog posts and news articles about the vote and how people are responding to it.

BLOGS (Post-vote)

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Reaching for the Church (Mackenzian, 10 July)

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Nelson (Facebook, 10 July)

The Real Issues in San Antonio (Ed Dickerson, Outlook, 9 July)

Why I Love Being a Seventh-day Adventist (Despite A Very Disappointing Vote on Women’s Ordination) (Samuels, 8 July)

THE BIG TOPIC, Wednesday, July 8, 2015 GC (PA President’s Blog, 8 July)

God’s Crazy-Patient Grace: Thoughts on the “No Vote” at GC (Torres, TheHaystack.TV, 9 July)

What I want women in ministry to know (Imprrh, LEAD, 9 July)

My Resolve on Women’s Ordination (Simply Vinie, 8 July)

Ordain Seventh-day Adventist ministers without regard to gender effective immediately and end all gender discrimination in the SDA Church in Canada. (

Trans-European Division President Sends Letter to Women in Ministry (Kamal, Spectrum, 12 July 2015)

Reissued Statement of Clarification on the Roles of Women in Ministry (NAD, N.D.)

GC President Says Ordination Vote Doesn’t Change Current Policy (McChesney, Adv Review, 10 July)

University & Seminary Respond to GC Vote (Andrews University, 10 July)

GC Session San Antonio 2015 (Podcast, 10 July)

Women’s Ordination: DivisionsMay Not Decide (NAD News Points, 9 July)

3 Lessons for Surviving the Fallout of the Ordination Vote (Fernandez, Reflections, 8 July)

Slain Egyptians in the Sand: San Antonio and the “Ordination” Vote (Reflections, N.D.)


Seventh-day Adventists affirm women in ministry, but vote down their ordination (Kellner, Desert News, 9 July)

Seventh-day Adventists vote against female ordination (Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post, 8 July)


Losing My Religion for Equality (Carter, The Age, 15 July 2009)


San Antonio vote defines “future GC delegate” as “male Adventist with midlife crisis” (Barely Adventist, 10 July)

San Antonio sells out of Kleenex overnight (Barely Adventist, 9 July)

Emotional GC vote confirms horse and buggy as only Adventist transport (Barely Adventist, 8 July)

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