CT: Survey: Frequent Bible Reading Can Turn You Liberal

A few years ago Christianity Today (CT) reported on interesting research regarding the Bible — Survey: Frequent Bible Reading Can Turn You Liberal (12 Oct 2011). I just learned about CT’s article from friends who shared Addicting Info’s recent coverage of the study (link).

Christianity Today reported:

Frequent Bible reading has some predictable effects on the reader. It increases opposition to abortion as well as homosexual marriage and unions. It boosts a belief that science helps reveal God’s glory. It diminishes hopes that science will eventually solve humanity’s problems. But unlike some other religious practices, reading the Bible more often has some liberalizing effects—or at least makes the reader more prone to agree with liberals on certain issues. This is true even when accounting for factors such as political beliefs, education …

Addicting Info provided more details than were shared in the “Article Preview” CT offers non-subscribers. Read the more recent analysis here.


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