Here are three sets of three. These summarize much that is important to me in the area of just and compassionate living, which is in my view, more important than religion. I’ve likely shared all of this before; regardless, here it is again:

Tres Essays

I’ve posted these before, but here again are the three essays or articles I’ve shared the most of the past few years.

  1. I Believe in Child Labour, Sweatshops and Torture (Peter Rollins, 5 May 2011)
  2. Inauguration Thoughts: The State is Still the State (David C, 21 Jan 2009)
  3. Christian Nonviolence (Wink). This article has been taken down or moved, and I haven’t been able to find a similar article. But you can download this PDF or see his short book, Jesus and Nonviolence: A Third Way.

Tres Books

  1. Jesus for President (Claiborne and Haw, 2008)
  2. Good News about Injustice (Haugen, 1999)
  3. Jesus Wants to Save Christians (Bell, 2008)

Tres Films

  1. Pray the Devil Back to Hell
  2. Nefarious: Merchant of Souls
  3. A Force More Powerful

It’s hard to only choose three for each category, especially books and films. For books, I opted for accessible over academic.



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