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Additional Benefits of Eating Organic

In 2006 I wrote a brief essay for my mother-in-law outlining why I believed organic food and clothing (cotton & hemp) were important. While I still view that essay as valid, it is now dated. There is much more detailed information available now than what I could find on the Internet then. I probably should update that description, but for now I’ll share here two more sets of reasons why organic is important–bees and personal health.

Bee Health

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder is a complicated issue. It appears that a cocktail of pesticides and fungicides makes bees susceptible to a parasite. Learn more here:

Personal Health

In addition to the health benefits of eating organic food noted in my 2006 essay, the following recent stories add more details:

Preserve your health and the bees, eat (and wear) organic!


Friday Web Round-up








Friday Web Round-up


Last night I watched Dirt!, a documentary that considers many perspectives on the uses for and value of dirt. Some parts felt far-fetched (e.g., I’m sure some other planets have dirt; we’ve analyzed so few to know), but most parts were thought-provoking. Even some sections that seemed pointless (paving dirt on the Indian floor every day) actually speak to ways of life that I believe will outlast modern industrial farming and all that goes with it.

You can watch it on Hulu for free or stream it “instantly” on Netflix.

Some of the topics in the film reminded me of three articles I’ve read recently:

>US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

Last night I attended an event about the US-Colombia FTA. The speaker from Witness for Peace showed how “free” trade isn’t fair trade, but mainly benefits the corporations and leadership in each country. He discussed what has been learned from NAFTA’s effects on jobs in the US and disruptions to workers and farmers in Latin America.

More from Witness for Peace (the presenter last night works for them; he’s presented at AMBS in the past) and ICPJ: