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>Economic Justice

A classmate presented on 3 approaches to economic justice today: Christian Anarchy, Christian Marxism and Liberation Theology.

In preparation, we were to read from Marx and the Bible by Christian Marxist writer José Porfirio Miranda. The explanation of “cultus” or “cult” on this Wikipedia page is helpful:

To get a sense of Christian Anarchy, we were to browse and watch this short video on Participatory Economics:

For more on land tax, we were directed to Chapter 9 of From wasteland to Promised Land: liberation theology for a post-Marxist world (Robert V. Andelson & James M. Dawsey) as a description of how Christian values mesh with the Land Value Tax. Two links for a general/secular overview were shared:

>Responsibility & Wealth

The Responsibility of Wealth (Relevant Magazine, 2 May 2011)